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MAXinternship was formed with the aim of providing a service for international students who are looking for a life changing experience abroad, while complementing their stays with a professional All-Inclusive internships all over the world.

With over 20 years of experience in the Hospitality and internship placements on the Canary Islands, we offer there the most internship placements. With this opportunity we are trying to bring the professionalism of young students to a higher level as well as to give them the opportunity to broaden their future perspective while doing their MAX internship abroad.
MAXinternship is able to draw on its experience to ensure you that your internship experience is a unique one. Our strength is our ability to place interns into any area within the Hospitality and Tourism industry utilizing an established network of companies and hotels (primarily international chains and 4/5 star hotels). MAXinternship operates both in The Netherlands and in the always sunny Canary Islands but we offer internship placements all around the world on demand.

If you are a student and are looking for a life changing experience abroad? Then you have come to the right place! Please FILL IN OUR APPLICATION FORM and you are done with the first step on having THE MAX time of your life working like it was a holiday.


Our international team consists of highly motivated members who have years of experiences with interns all over the world. We are located both in The Netherlands and on the Canary Islands.

Philippe JonckheereGeneral Director
Gudrun WehrPartner
Veronica NavaOffice Manager
Tessa WinterConsultant

Who went before you?

My internship abroad experience has been priceless, I learned so much more than I expected. It was an eye-opening experience in so many ways. summing up in a few words is impossible, but what I can say is have truly met some amazing people, and spent my summer in the most beautiful place in the world. Overall, I think the experience was once in a lifetime, and the best 3 months of my life, to say the least. Daniel Sanders

I did my internship in Gran Canaria in 2010/2011. Everytime when I think about it I'm getting 'homesick' even if it's 3 years ago. I still wish that I could do it all over again. I've learned so many things and met lots of great people. It was really the time of my life which I'll NEVER forget! <3 Wendy Sier

I gained a huge confidence boost by completing this internship abroad. Now that I am back home, I find myself taking more risks and I am willing to dream bigger than I would have imagined before. Just the knowledge that I successfully traveled halfway around the world and worked and lived for five months with people I had never met before makes other challenges seem simple. I know that I have the ability to reach beyond my skill level and rise to the potential that I want to attain. K. Dean